Multimethod software tool for supply chain design, analysis and optimization; from the team that brought you AnyLogic simulation software.



Includes two engines for solving supply chain challenges


CPLEX – analytical LP/MIP solver

The powerful optimization engine IBM ILOG CPLEX built into anyLogistix allows calculation of optimal flows between supply chain sites, taking into account multiple periods. It is capable of analytically optimizing large scale logistics networks with multiple tiers, to choose optimal locations for warehouses and distribution centers, to enable master-planning.


AnyLogic — dynamic simulation modeling

The simulation engine AnyLogic used inside anyLogistix allows the user to define behavior and interaction rules for supply chain components, and visually “play” with how the supply chain will work in a given case, while tracking all the necessary parameters. Dynamic simulation modeling answers questions relating to choice of inventory replenishment policy and safety stocks, analysis of risk and robustness of the supply chain to external influences, e.g. demand fluctuations.


anyLogistix is a software platform for supply chain design, analysis and optimization, that can be applied from high-level strategic tasks to low-level operational challenges

Optimize supply chain in a risk-free environment before making significant investment

From details and particularities to the overall efficiency and minimization of logistics expenses

Choose optimal logistics network configuration
Analytical optimization methods are capable of choosing optimal locations for the distribution centers and regional warehouses. Simulation modeling can give an estimate of the number of square meters that are needed for each warehouse, taking product availability and service level metrics into account.
Perform master-planning
Use CPLEX to get optimal production schedule by period: on which facility to produce, in which period, where to store when the product is produced. Such schedule provides maximum demand satisfaction with lowest possible costs.
Choose optimal inventory policies
Dynamic simulation allows you to test different inventory policies, e.g. Min-Max, PQ, MRP etc., and optimize their parameters, choose required safety stock for each product group.
Identify transport policy
Simulation modeling allows to define exact vehicle unit types, fleet, domicile, rental fleet cost and availability, “milk run” routes and test different transport policies, e.g. LTL and FTL.
Measure uncertainty and risk
Test how the supply chain behaves in case of an accident in one of the factories, a strike in a port, unexpected demand peaks or uncertainty in lead times.
Visual model verification
A simulation model is not a black box. Having 2D/3D animation you can visually verify how the model works and ensure that you can trust the results.
Estimate required logistics budget
anyLogistix allows to add cost to any operation and get detailed PNL report as modeling result. Dynamic simulation is the method for economical calculations with the highest accuracy.
Take in to account dynamic constraints on the sites throughput
With anyLogistix you can extend sites behavior and logic with AnyLogic Professional. Changing sites logic you can add additional constraints on the number of docks, equipment, processing timings, shared resources that typically influence on the whole logistics network.

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