Our services

Our team has experience in various IT systems deployment, implementation and integration. Every company should have an area of focus, especially if it is named Focus Group. For the past few years, we have focused our work on simulation modeling application as the foundation for building decision support systems.

Simulation model development

In most of our projects, we have worked as sub-contractors for business consulting firms or an end-client, taking all technical work needed for simulation model implementation.

Decision support systems development and deployment projects

In this case we work directly with end-users, helping them to not only develop but deploy IT systems that solve the particular business needs of the customer company.

We are always open for collaborations with business consultants and IT-integrators

Simulation model development

Simulation modeling has been used widely as a method of solving business challenges that cannot be solved with Excel calculations. For instance, such challenges include assessing changes in supply chains, choosing optimal production policies, and achieving operational efficiency for a warehouse. Supply chains, warehouses, production plants and shipyards are not static systems; they include a set of parallel processes that use common resources, thus constraining each other. Simulation enables system modeling “AS-IS”, then performing scenario analysis while checking different “WHAT-IF” alternatives to understand how to reconfigure the system to be more efficient.

Development of IT-systems for decision support

When we consult for a client, we don’t just solve one task and provide a report; we implement a software that automates solving this task on a regular basis. This requires model deployment and integration with IT infrastructure for data exchange with existing tools in place. To support such a scenario, we make models using AnyLogic Professional simulation software tool, which allows us to export models as Java applications with open interface to data sources. Such models can be part of a data flow, but it is our duty, so you don’t need to think about such technical details.

We also happy to help companies that decided to organize internal simulation competence. We can help in learning all necessary software tools, quickly and effectively transfer our knowledge and skills.