Ore logistics simulation model

This project was carried out for one of the world’s largest nickel producers by one of the “Big 3” strategy consultancies.

Focus Group worked as a sub-contractor for simulation modeling, initial data preparation and analysis of the modeling results. This part of the project consisted of three stages.

Model architecture development

  • Choosing an optimal level of details
  • Making detailed project plan for simulation model development
  • Data gathering, checking and analysis
  • Model scenarios creation
  • Conceptual model development

Model fulfillment

  • Connecting the conceptual model with company data sources
  • Development of algorithms for logistics flows, equipment logic, operational constraints and events
  • Model UI (user interface) development
  • Model animation 2D and 3D
  • Model interface setup for output reporting
  • Optimization criteria definition

Model testing and usage

  • Simulation experiments setup and execution
  • Reporting based on the experiments
  • Model verification
  • Finding optimal scenario for logistic schema
3D animation of the ore logistics simulation model