Oil field digital twin

Nowadays oil and gas companies require deeper knowledge and better business performance for execution of innovations.

One of the leading Russian oil companies invited FOCUS GROUP LLC to participate in a project as an oil field simulation model developer.

The goal of the project was a digital twin development – a software tool for wells’ economy calculations, and operational decision-making support based on scenario analysis. The digital twin is based on the oil field simulation model connected to data sources.

The primary task set to the FOCUS GROUP team was to quickly and visually identify inefficient wells and support decision-making: whether to stop such wells and whether major and current repairs are economically efficient for each of the wells.

Oil field digital twin

Following initial data was given by the customer:

  • Oil field composition, wells location, physics of their work;
  • Infrastructure: pipeline network, water pipes, roads and power lines;
  • Technical and economic indicators of wells operation costs.

The simulation model allows to turn off a well and assess its impact on the economy of neighboring wells, taking into account the redistribution of total costs.

The launch of the model initiates the work of agents. It generates the revenue of the well, calculates the cost of electricity, well maintenance, energy for transportation, and maintaining reservoir pressure, personnel and other costs.

The simulation model is an stand-alone program, that customer can use to:

  • Determine each well performance on an annual horizon;
  • Assess the economic feasibility and efficiency of current repairs and workover of wells;
  • Assess the impact of the decision to close the well on the technical and economic indicators of other wells.

As a result of the work the significant savings were achieved: the introduction of the tool reduces the operational cost of the field on about one million USD per year.

The main advantage of the digital twin is the constant availability of the current model synchronized with data for operational scenario analysis, production planning, repair work, and technical risk analysis.

This digital twin software can be easily reconfigured for use in other oil production companies.

Please find more information about the project in its review at anylogic.com.

Try simplified demo-model based on the real case-study