Oil rigs logistics simulation model

Increasing competition on the over-sized cargo delivery market drives a demand for decision-support tools that make logistics operations more effective and less expensive. One of 3PL-logistics operators started a project with a goal to create such a DSS, based on a simulation model of the delivery of three drilling rigs from the Yamal Peninsula to Eastern Siberia.

The simulation model created with AnyLogic software allows the company’s logistic experts:

  • to choose optimal ways of multimodal transportation; considering lead times, transportation costs and risks
  • to mitigate financial risks and understand the probability of satisfying expected lead time criteria
  • to get forecasts about the future state of the vehicles in short and midterm perspective
  • to improve budgeting and provide the end customer with better contract conditions than other 3PL-operators
  • to do all the financial calculations in a short period to support operational decision making.
Oil rig logistics simulation modell

Try simplified demo-model based on the real case-study